Frequent questions


No! All our accounts no longer use any kind of bot, and are inactive for quite some time being totally secure. Also, we provide you a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

We are the only organization that shows exactly what comes with the account, with real photos, know what you are buying!

You can change your password, link your facebook and gmail in your new account.

Temporary PTC email:

Some accounts we used temporary email to create it. As the demand of the time was very high, we had to use this way to create tons of accounts. A temporary email after being used is no longer accessible, making it impossible to exchange the email in Pokemon Trainer Club. Change your password and you are absolutely safe!
You want increase the security of you account with temporary email? Click here.

PTC Email changeable:
Our customers asked for accounts with PTC changeable email. Some of our new accounts you can change the PTC email too. Check the title of the product or the description to know what is possible or not.
You bought a account with PTC email changeable? Click here to learn how to change the email.

You will receive an email with the username and password of your Pokemon GO account. The accounts will be PTC (Pokemon Trainer Club) and you may freely change the password after purchase.

Instantly! Our system automatically sends out the account details upon payment directly to your PayPal email. Please be sure to check your spam and wait up to an hour for delays. If you can’t seem to find it, send us an email! We will get back to you within 24 hours maximum.

You can contact us to help you. Our accounts were checked before being sold. The Unable to authenticate problem is different than wrong password, if you have this problem just clean the cache/data of Pokemon Go App.

Of course! Our accounts are inactive for more than a week. We can simulate a travel all around the world.

All IncaCode accounts are guaranteed to work. We provide a Lifetime Warranty, if you get banned we will give your money back without any question.

Pokemon Go Unable to authenticate is problem you have when you switch between two accounts or when you have a wrong password error in Pokemon Trainer Club login.
Unable to authenticate is not a wrong password message or a account problem, is just a pokemon go bug, if you put anything in login and anything in password the error still will occur.
To avoid unable to authenticate you need clean the cache/data of your Pokemon Go App.


Our boosts use the most secure techniques to avoid ban detection, therefore, there will be no warning or shadowban by Pokemon Go.

You are able to purchase as many boosts as you'd like. These boosts will be finished consecutively, so if you order two 48 hour boosts, the total estimated time will be 96 hours.

To suggest a package or product, please contact our live chat.

Unless the package states a specific CP or IV, the CP and IV of our boosted Pokemons will be random.

After you purchase a boost, you are prompted for your Pokémon Go credentials. With your login information, our boosters take over your account for the duration of the boost in order to acquire you the items for your order.

Boosts that have been unused or undelivered are able to be refunded. However, we can not refund completed boosts unless there is an issue with the boost.